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Sistemas de Travagem - Veículo comercial ligeiro

Sistemas de Travagem - Veículo comercial ligeiro

Valeo brings the expertise of an aftermarket Multi-specialist to each part of the braking system. Brake pads and discs, shoes and fitting kits, brake fluid and hydraulic parts, Valeo braking range is effective and delivers all the services that the professional expects from a braking specialist.


The quality by Valeo

• No compromise on quality: for over 90 years, as premium automotive supplier, Valeo has developed its know-how quality wise.

• A 360° quality approach: by choosing Braking Systems by Valeo, you select a comprehensive premium braking solution you can rely on.

• With a large car parc coverage, the Braking range of Valeo provide an affordable premium quality.

• Thanks to its aftermarket expertise, solutions are deployed to satisfy the needs of all Independant professionnals willing to develop their braking activity.


Quality as a pre-requisite Aftermarket need are very specific. The professional has to be 100% sure about the dedicated solutions proposed by a real aftermarket specialist. Valeo developed a dedicated and innovative aftermarket solution to anticipate the coming megatrends of braking Innovative braking by Valeo aims at delivering premium quality products everywhere for everyone, with anticipation of the aftermarket problematic for every parts of its braking range.


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